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Expert Car Repairs with Hassle-Free Insurance Claim Process

With over thirty years of experience in providing car repair and service expertise, Burgess Paint N Panel prioritises the highest quality of workmanship, excellent customer service, and insurance assistance for our clients. To ensure a seamless insurance claim process and prompt car repairs, we recommend following our suggested steps.

Step 1

If your vehicle is not drivable, call for a tow, which will be billed directly to your insurance company. If your car is still drivable, move on to step 2.

Step 2

Contact your insurance company and lodge a motor vehicle accident claim. Provide details about the incident and any other parties involved. Your insurer will give you a claim number, which you will need later.

Step 3

Bring your car to the workshop between 8:30am and 4pm, and provide your claim number and insurance details. The workshop will take photos and prepare a quote for your insurer. If you need a loan car, let them know. The workshop will send the quote directly to your insurance company.

Step 4

Your insurer will receive the quote and assign an assessor to your vehicle. In some cases, an on-site assessment may be required. Once the insurer authorises repairs, the workshop will order parts and book your car in for repairs. Loan cars may be available (subject to availability).

Preferred Repair and Restoration By Most Insurance Providers

Our expertise and experience enable us to effectively handle insurance claims and work seamlessly with all insurance companies.

We take pride in being a highly regarded local repair and restoration partner, preferred by many well-known insurance providers.

burgess insurance parners
burgess insurance parners